Kawell race bus

These are the stories I love and get inspired by...

"Oh brother....talk about a bad joke getting worse !  So there we were at the back door of our shop in Santa Ana, CA dynoing an engine and a young man walks up and asks if we want to buy a bus....Dave says "No" and the young man walks away.   Rolling down the overhead door to go home that night, Dave sees the bus is still parked out back ? It stayed there for months before the young man came back and said "Well, if you don't want to buy it, here's the pink slip".  Dave told him he needed to move it and that we didn't want it but the young man just started to wander off into oblivion.  Dave ran after him and gave him a couple of hundred bucks for the bus.
Bus sat there for several months until our landlord told us to either put it inside somewhere or move it.  Went over to look at it and it was apparent that the young man had been living in the bus before abandoning it....yuck ! !  Conned a good customer, Sandy Stuart, into raking and hosing it out.  The outside was in excellent condition other than the roof drip line was rusted thru all the way around so it was cut off below the window line.  With the roof off, Bill Savage of  T-Mag Welding,  three doors down from us and of Score off road fame, offered to build a roll cage for it to keep the poor thing from being a Flexi-Flyer.  Engine was shot so a 1755cc dual Kadron engine (69mm stroke by NPR 90mm pistons) was assembled and the bus became our parts car.  Way cool driving a "vert" in So Calif !
We were running  Hot Sauce  by then and John Smith, of NHRA I/G  Super Bug  fame was stopping by and helping around the shop and asked if he could tow  Hot Sauce  with the bus at the next races....Why not ?  Had I only known what was to come !"

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