Hell and fundraiser - the report

Antwerp Hootenanny was awesome!

Triggerfinger opened the evening with guest-musician Jan "De Nieuwe Snaar" De Smet, giving a strange, but good sounding combo of 70's power-rock-ballroom-dancing. After 3 songs, Triggerfinger finished the job on it's own. I really liked the drummer, Mario Goossens. He kindda looked like Animal from the Muppets.

Hootenanny 1
Picture by Freddy B

Then the Johnny Trash "Koen Verbeeck" Revue showed up with loaoaoaoads of "featurings" (the p.a.'s nightmare, héhéhé). Howling Bill, Gunter "Donkey Diesel" Nagels, Slipmates, Hometown Gamblers,... passed the revue! And the all give their best. This has never been seen before, and never will be again!
As a grande finale, every artist showed up frontstage. We watched it, and liked it big time.

Vid by Yvi

After the Legendary Johnny Trash it was time for the main-coarse... The Seatsniffers Allstars! Guy Swinnen and WillyWilly brought back some 80's and early 90's songs (Sorry dudes 'n' dudettes, The Scabs just ain 't my kindda thing). Joost "Novastar" Zwegers brought back a nice piece of Beatles-history, but the best tribute of the evening came from Tom "Admiral Freebee" Van Laere: "You can steal the Seatsniffer's bus and gear, but the remain the best band of Belgium". And the best part is, he did this while shouting the really fat "I wanna be your dog"-track. Stef Kamil "Zita Swoon" Carlens was a little more quiet, but it was a nice contribution to the rest of the evening.

Hootenanny 2
Pic by Keys & Chords

For our Dutch-readers: check out a full report on rootsville.be and Keys&Chords.com


Antwerp Hootenanny

This is not to be missed! Antwerp Hootenanny Fund- and Hellraiser!

The Seatsniffers 'All Stars' with Stef Kamil Carlens, Tom Van Laere, Joost Zwegers, Big Dave, Guy Swinnen and WillyWilly,Triggerfinger with Jan De Smet, Johnny Trash Revue, etc.

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