It's party time!

Not to be missed in 2010:

january 30th @ Vooruit Gent:


6th of february, Diablo Blvd., band of the famous and notorious Alex Agnew @ Tielt:

9th of february: Joe Buck yourself (bassplayer of Hank William III) @ Charlatan:

Joe Buck

26th of february: Speedball Jr. @ Charlatan


March 3th: Get ready for some noise with Flipo Mancini @ Charlatan! (This is one for Miss Mich ;-P)

March 12th (yes sir, it's the same weekend as The Early Bay Bonanza @ Ninof!): Ne Vuilen Avond hosted by Radio Modern @ Vooruit Gent:

2nd - 5th april: Rocking around Turnhout. 2 days of Rockabilly mayhem. Oh yeah!


April 9th: Smokestack Lightnin' @ N9 - Eeklo:


12 may: 15 years (already!?) of Seatsniffers @ Roma - Antwerp:


9-11 july: Sjock festival @ Gierle (click pic to see pics):


Somewere in the month of august: Brock XL '58 @ Groentheater BXL


Well, that's all for now folks!

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