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Holy Shit! Our counter rolled over to the magical 500.000 vistors without even noticing it. We're still going since march 2004 (dang, we're getting old), but we couldn't have done it without you! So here's a big thx from and to all the Players and Playerettes out there... THANKS!

This calls for a classic blog celebration... it's pin-up time!

Picture by merkley??? Violet Blue - Stands smoking & drinking gasoline, in a lasso shaped circle of matches, in the kitchen, with explosives in the oven, on the stove & in the fridge while an open one gallon can of karate lies open on the floor.

Don't be afraid to leave us a comment.

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half a mill strong, good work all
heres to the big mill :-)

greets from beaks

Posted by: beaker | 05/01/2009

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