Cimetieres Des Anciennes

Can 't say it better:

"L'object abandonné suscite l'effayante profondeur dus temps qui passe, tout en simulant une impression de temps arrêt: comme si le temps se figeait pour mieux passer, lentement, insidieusement.
L' object endormi apelle au souvenir.
Il appartient au passé, aujourd'hui mort et poussiéreux.
L'épave c'est cela: une histoire"


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Poupi Whoopy

Something be Belgians don 't have? Nah, now we have it all, even our own Burlesque Pin-Up Booklet!

Poupi Whoopy

I love the artwork on this one. It has a crossing between a Mexican Wrestler, Naughty Pin-ups, Russian Dolls and a little drunken female sailor.

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For the broadminded

It's party-time again! For all who were there at Ninove 2005... Speedball Jr. has their 2nd CD out and they present them at Charlatan on the 28th. See y'all there.


We'll probably also be at Prima Donkey on the 25th of january. Never seen them live, but after seeing Donkey Diesel a while ago (damn, time flies), we were sold! With Rudy Trouvé and Gunther Nagels and members from Lais, DAAU and The Seatsniffers... I think



Players not only roam to sunny SoCal...

Mr. Sideburn is exploring the Kerguel Islands. Keep an eye on his ramblings on Thee Librarian 's blog. Be sure to post a comment and support her in not going completely insane.




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Check out this awesome new KCW-vid (yes, I am a sucker for audio-visuals).


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Oh man... live ain 't fair!

Damn, I wish I was there in SoCal.

Looks like Koob is having loads of fun in the sun, the Porsches, palmtrees, Customs, greasers, dolls and cats, Hot Rods...
Visit his SoCal-blog to check out his report on the Mooneyes X-Mas party 2006.


But he isn 't a first-timer... he also went there two years ago! See the photos by clicking the pictures below.




Hopefully Mr. K. 's got some spare time to visit Venice Beach and have some surfing action ;-)

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Check the awesome photo-report on the last of Thee Monstrophonic Sound on Genthology, made by Arne aka Arnanas aka Jacob Von Arsevelde.




Check the new Scrapers Indoor Nostalgia site. This promises to be another mighty fine meet!

Check our report of SINS #1 by clicking the flyer...